People and Their Contributions: Nick Pollard, Jr.

On Thursday, September 27th, 2007, Nick Pollard, Jr. presented a historical research on the events leading up to and after the 1956 Split which coincidentally also occurred on a Thursday, September 27th (1956).   The presentation was held at the Radisson Fort George Hotel in the Lamanai Room at 7:00 pm.  Following the presentation, there were questions from the audience and later, the audience was able to view newspaper articles from the 1950’s and, a large poster of the cover of Nick Pollard Jr.'s book in progress, “The Jaws of Politics”.

Nick Pollard, Jr. presents historical research at the Radisson Fort George Hotel.
The "Jaws of Politics" cover design.

Here are the two documents as PDFs that Nick Pollard, Jr. presented. (Requires Adobe Reader - free download)

"I would later meet both Maspero and Romano Tschimule, C.L.A.S.C.’s representative for the Dutch Caribbean in Trinidad & Tobago in 1965 when they joined my father on a trip to Rome to visit the Pope.  It was an entire Latin American delegation." Taken from the manuscript of "The Jaws of Politics" by Nick Pollard, Jr. [In the photo, Nick Pollard, Sr. is pictured on the far left in the audience of Pope Paul VI.]

Note: Earlier as Archbishop of Milan, Pope Paul VI as known as "the archbishop of the worker" and "He revitalized the entire diocese, preached the social message of the Gospel and worked to win back the laboring class.." See biography of Pope Paul VI.

Other writings and presentations by Nick Pollard, Jr.


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