Free Belize
By Nicholas Pollard, Sr.

Free Belize, ye Baymen’s sons,
No longer slaves nor serfs
Of Anglo-Saxons or black-eyed Spaniards!
Ye are their equal, always were,
 Just like our Mayan Brethren.
 Not man nor nature, but Providence Divine
 Gave us Belize to have and hold
 Till time expires and eternity dawns!

She is ours, this Motherland
Every grain of sand, every plant and tree
Every drop of river and creek
Every ounce of sea, every reef and isle
Within her fair confines
Lave in her, exult in her,
Praise the God of Hosts for her,
And proclaim her freedom in His name!

Your mind is free, your soul is free,
Your whole being stretches free,

O Belizean man!
Nothing, no one can cage you longer.
Reach out for the moon and stars,
Heaven and earth are yours to claim;
The world supports you with freedom’s buoyant song!

O Guatemalan man, remember Hidalgo and Simon Bolivar
Who fought for Freedom against oppression.
Hidalgo, Bolivar, Burnaby, Price-
Plot not to separate them,
O Guatemalan friend!
Let them reign together
Co-equal jewels in Freedom’s diadem.

Pluck not out one jewel from Freedom’s Crown,
Lest Freedom bow her head in shame,
Mutilated, like jaws losing their wisdom tooth.

Guatemalan brother, the Golden rule recall, obey;
Do unto us as you did once in 1821
Let others do unto you,
To recognize your freedom from Spanish claws,
This one remaining blot remove
From Central America’s shores.

Let us to the task of being one united family.
Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua,
Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala.

Why not Belize?
We are seven magic, mystic seven
Let Freedom’s band complete
To Match Freedom’s diadem crown
No talk of war, but love and peace want

Do not injure, desecrate this sacred
Belizean soil
With angry words and blood
Proud fair daughter of Freedom’s love.

Free Belize, Belizean man.
Crown her, cherish her, work for her
Love her, live for her,
And if need be,
Let freedom’s altar run with your sacrificed blood,
And die for her.
But free Belize, our Mother and our Queen!


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